VSB 1 and the RVSA

Vehicle Standards Bulletin 1 (VSB 1) is the National Code of Practice for building small trailers (under 4500kg Aggregate Trailer Mass).  VSB 1 is designed to summarise the design and testing construction requirements for small trailers (including Towable Recreational Vehicles).

The Revision of VSB 1

A revision to the existing VSB 1 Revision 5 is currently being undertaken by VSS with four strategic intentions. These include the need for VSB 1 to reflect the new Road Vehicle Standards legislation; the need for VSB 1 to reflect changes to the Australian Design Rules (ADRs) that have occurred since the last update; to address the underlying causes of consumer complaints related to light trailers; and to improve compliance with ADRs by light trailer manufacturers.

The draft of VSB 1 (Version 6) which was released for public comment back in October 2019 can be downloaded HERE noting that the opportunity to provide feedback on the draft has now lapsed .

VSB 1 and the RVSA

VSS will accept compliance with VSB 1 as evidence of compliance with the ADRs for both type approval and the concessional RAV entry pathways.

VSB 1 Version 6 will leverage the provisions of component type approvals (CTA’s) to avoid trailer manufacturers needing to understand the details of specialised components. Trailer manufacturers will need to understand how to fit the relevant components so that the finished trailer still complies.