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RVSA Working Groups

In 2020, VSS (the Federal Regulators) have chosen to adopt a revised, more focused approach to stakeholder engagement on Road Vehicle Standards legislation implementation issues. This new approach is designed to better cater to the needs of specific stakeholder groups by identifying and targeting topic areas that are of most relevance to different industry sectors.

Under this approach, future meetings will be on a more individual basis instead of the broader cross-industry consultations that occurred through the initial consultation groups established under the RVSA Implementation Consultation Framework. Discussion topics will be prioritised and sequenced to coincide with sequencing of commencement of relevant provisions of the RVS legislation.

Throughout 2018 and 2019, Caravan Industry Association of Australia held a seat on the four RVSA working groups on behalf of industry.  The Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA) consultation groups were originally developed under the RVSA implementation framework with the aim to provide a collaborative forum to enable the Department, in-service regulators and industry to identify issues relevant to the administration of the RVS legislation, and to develop practical solutions to those issues.  These consultation groups were:

  1. Type Approvals Consultation Group;
  2. Concessional RAV Entry Consultation Group;
  3. RVSA Tools Consultation Group; and
  4. Road Vehicle Recalls Consultation Group

Meetings throughout 2018 and 2019 were held approximately every two (2) months, or as agreed by the members of each Consultation Group.  The consultation groups were chaired by the General Manager of the Vehicle Safety Standards Branch within the Department or their nominated representative, with the balance of membership comprised of Representatives from the Department, Industry associations and Representatives from in-service regulators.

For more information the the Federal Department’s RVSA Implementation Consultation Framework – CLICK HERE.