Approved Testing Facilities

The regulation of testing facilities is key to the Federal Regulators ability to ensure Australians are provided with safe, secure and environmentally friendly vehicles (and trailers). The Department relies on test evidence from testing facilities when deciding whether a road vehicle, trailer or associated component complies with the applicable Australian Design Rules (ADRs).

An approved testing facility under the Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation undertakes testing of road vehicles and/or road vehicle components for compliance with:

  • national road vehicle standards referred to in Australian Design Rules (ADRs), or
  • standards determined by the Minister under subsection 89(2) of the Road Vehicle Standards Rules 2019
  • or both.

The test results may be used as supporting evidence by applicants for the grant of a type approval, component type approval and Model Report approval to demonstrate compliance with vehicle standards.

Under the RVS legislation, applicants for type approvals, component type approvals and Model Report approvals must obtain test reports from approved testing facilities to demonstrate compliance with applicable national road vehicle standards.

If a test facility registered in RVCS wishes to continue to test road vehicles or road vehicle components for compliance with the applicable road vehicle standards, it must apply for a testing facility approval under the new RVS legislation.

Applications for Testing Facility Approvals can be made through ROVER (Road Vehicle Regulator), the department’s IT administration system for the Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA).

A list of Approved Testing Facilities under the RVSA can be found HERE.  

The costs/ fees associated with obtaining a Testing Facility Approval will be as follows:

  • Application Fee = $370
  • Annual Levy = $970
  • Variation of an RVSA Testing Facility Approval = $75

For more information about testing facilities, head to the Department’s Testing Facilities webpage.