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Approved Testing Facilities

The regulation of testing facilities is key to the Federal Regulators ability to ensure Australians are provided with safe, secure and environmentally friendly vehicles (and trailers). The Department relies on test evidence from testing facilities when deciding whether a road vehicle, trailer or associated component complies with the applicable Australian Design Rules (ADRs).

An approved testing facility under the Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation undertakes testing of road vehicles and/or road vehicle components for compliance with:

  • national road vehicle standards referred to in Australian Design Rules (ADRs), or
  • standards determined by the Minister under subsection 89(2) of the Road Vehicle Standards Rules 2019
  • or both.

The test results may be used as supporting evidence by applicants for the grant of a type approval, component type approval and Model Report approval to demonstrate compliance with vehicle standards.

Under the RVS legislation, applicants for type approvals, component type approvals and Model Report approvals must obtain test reports from approved testing facilities to demonstrate compliance with applicable national road vehicle standards.

If a test facility registered in RVCS wishes to continue to test road vehicles or road vehicle components for compliance with the applicable road vehicle standards, it must apply for a testing facility approval under the new RVS legislation.

Applications for Testing Facility Approvals can be made through ROVER (Road Vehicle Regulator), the department’s IT administration system for the Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA).

A list of Approved Testing Facilities under the RVSA can be found HERE.  

The costs/ fees associated with obtaining a Testing Facility Approval will be as follows:

  • Application Fee = $370
  • Annual Levy = $970
  • Variation of an RVSA Testing Facility Approval = $75

Withdraw, Amend and Resubmit or Delete an Application in ROVER

Applicants may choose to withdraw an application for any reason.  Applicants do not need to give a reason for the withdrawal.  Sometimes, rather than refusing, or refusing to consider, an application, the assessor will suggest the applicant withdraw, amend and strengthen their application by including additional information or supporting documentation.

It is up to the applicant whether they wish to:

  • withdraw the application and delete it from their ROVER portal,
  • withdraw the application, add the additional information and resubmit the application, or
  • allow the application to continue on as it is.

To know how to withdraw, amend, resubmit and delete an application in ROVER, head to the Department’s Guidance Material.

At what point can I withdraw my application?

You may request to withdraw an application with a status of ‘Paid—Awaiting Assessment’, or ‘Assessment in progress’ in your ROVER portal.

Is there a point where my application cannot be withdrawn?

The critical points after which your application cannot be withdrawn are:

  • when the application has been decided and the ability to withdraw the application is no longer visible in ROVER, or
  • a decision notice setting out the approval or refusal has been issued, ending the ability to withdraw the application.

What happens to my application if it is withdrawn?

When the Department receives notice to withdraw an application that has not already been decided, it will:

  • cease any and all assessment activities relating to the application, including any outstanding request for further information processes, and
  • action the withdrawal and notify the applicant that their application is withdrawn, and
  • where applicable, consider a request to refund in part or in full, the application fee.

When the status of the application is updated to ‘withdrawn’, the applicant or authorised user may either:

  • submit an amended application, noting the application fee already paid will be transferred to the amended application and an additional application fee will only be required where the amended application is significantly different or its scope increases significantly and requires broader assessment, or
  • delete the application from the list of withdrawn applications in the applicant’s ROVER portal if the application is no longer required.

If an amended application is submitted, the timeframe to decide the application will start again as it is considered a new application.


Under section 72 of the Road Vehicle Standards Act 2018 (RVSA), the delegated decision-maker may refund the whole or part of an application fee if they are satisfied there are circumstances justifying the refund.

However, section 230(A)(3) of the Rules provides that any fees paid for a withdrawn application are not refundable if the department had begun considering the application before it was withdrawn.

It is therefore not expected that the relevant application fee will be refunded in many cases.

To request a refund, contact the Department by using the online enquiry form and explain in detail the circumstances that would justify refund action.

For more information about testing facilities, head to the Department’s Testing Facilities webpage.