Our Involvement

Educating Industry

In collaboration with each of our member State Associations, Caravan Industry Association of Australia has held Education Sessions for their members regarding their RVSA journey.  These sessions were designed to educate industry businesses on the RVSA, the businesses responsibilities and how these changes will affect their operations.

Government Involvement

Caravan Industry Association of Australia has actively lobbied for changes to the Motor Vehicle Standards Act (MVSA) for over five years before the federal parliament finally passed the new Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA).

Caravan Industry Association of Australia remains committed to consumer safety and manufacturing compliance and is heavily involved in the RVSA roll-out, having actively participated in the consultation groups formed by the federal government throughout 2018 and 2019 to provide feedback on all aspects of the proposed methods of implementation.  These four consultation groups were:

  1. Type Approvals Consultation Group;
  2. Concessional RAV Entry Consultation Group;
  3. RVSA Tools Consultation Group; and
  4. Road Vehicle Recalls Working Group

For more information on the Federal Department’s RVSA Implementation Consultation Framework – CLICK HERE.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia will continue to work closely with the Department on the RVSA.