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Identification Marking of a Road Vehicle under RVSA

All categories of vehicles, as defined in Australian Design Rule – Definitions and Vehicle Categories, are required to comply with Australian Design Rule 61/03 – Vehicle Marking.  These include:

  • vehicle identification numbers
  • engine identification numbers
  • secure vehicle identification
  • information to be included on a:
    • vehicle plate for heavy omnibuses and all trailers
    • registration plate mounts
  • visibility from the rear of vehicles with a body of the tray type.

Secure Vehicle Identification Marking – Motorhomes

For a vehicle that is subject to second stage of manufacture (SSM), the name and make of the first stage base vehicle is sufficient to meet the requirements of SVI Marking. The SSM approval holder does not need to fit an additional SVI Marking unless they choose to.

If using a self-adhesive label, it must be tamper evident, fraud resistant and self-destructive (self-voiding) if there is an attempt to remove the label. All information must be printed indelibly on the label.

Secure Vehicle Identification Marking – Low ATM Trailers

A vehicle plate is required for certain vehicles to provide additional information needed to ensure the safe and legal operation of the vehicle.  In these instances, the vehicle plate must be readily available and visible on the vehicle to operators and enforcement agencies.

If using a metal plate, it must be welded, riveted or otherwise permanently affixed to the vehicle. All required information must be embossed, indented, etched, engraved or otherwise printed indelibly on the plate.

More information about the markings relevant to each vehicle category code (VCC) can be found here.

If you have questions/concerns specific to your circumstance, head to the Department’s RVSA-dedicated Contact Us page.