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What is the RAV?

The RVSA introduces a Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV) which will be an online, publicly searchable database of vehicles (including trailers approved for use on Australian roads).  The details of each and every vehicle and trailer approved for road use will be entered on the RAV.  The RAV will replace the need to fit motor vehicles with physical compliance plates.  Trailers however will still be required to fit physical compliances plates (Trailer Plates).

Testing the RAV in your Business

The federal regulators have set up a test RAV (trial environment) to trial and ensure submissions can be validated successfully. The procedures for the test RAV can be found in the Test RAV section of the RAV Guide.

Manufacturers and Importers are strongly encouraged to enrol and subsequently test (when possible) the RAV within their business processes.  With this knowledge you will be able to plan and prepare your internal systems accordingly to ensure you have capacity to enter all vehicles and trailers on the RAV that leave your factories.

For a demonstration of how the RAV works please head to the Videos section of this website.

Enrolment Process & Form

Before submitting vehicles to be added into the RAV, test or live environment, a Low ATM Trailer Importer or Manufacturer will need to enrol with VSS.  Once you are enrolled VSS will provide you with unique ID numbers (Organisation & Submitter ID) which are needed to use the RAV.

Motorhome and Campervan Manufacturers/ Importers should have received their Organisation ID’s directly from NEVDIS and will only be required to enrol to receive unique Submitter ID’s.

When can a Vehicle or Trailer be added to the RAV?

A RAV submission can only occur when the:

  • Vehicle or Trailer’s manufacturing is complete;
  • Vehicle or Trailer is covered by a type approval;
  • Vehicle or Trailer is in Australia (except when the type approval specifically allows the vehicle to be outside Australia); and
  • Vehicle or Trailer complies with the requirements of the legislation.

Note: Once added to the RAV, the electronic record can be searched by using the VIN only. Holders of a vehicle type approval must be enrolled and authorised by the department to enter records onto the RAV.

What Trailer Information will be recorded on the RAV?

For Low ATM Trailers the RAV entry must include the following information (mandatory fields):

  • Model
  • VIN
  • Type Approval Number
  • Type Approval Holder Name
  • Vehicle Category Code (VCC)
  • ATM Rating (in kg)
  • GTM Rating (in kg)
  • Tare Mass (in kg)
  • Build Date
  • Entry Pathway Sub-Category
  • Authorisation Name