Recalls under the RVSA

The Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation sets out the framework for the voluntary or compulsory recall of road vehicles due to safety issues, or where a non-compliance with the applicable national road vehicle standards is identified.  All vehicle type approvals will be subjected to the following specified conditions related to recall action of road vehicles:

  • reporting recall action, that you become aware of that is being undertaken outside of Australia, to the Department
  • reporting systemic safety or non-compliance issues to the Department.

Under the (RVS) legislation, the approval holder must advise the Federal Department when they have identified a systemic safety or non-compliance issue.  A recall notification must be submitted to the Department through the Road Vehicle Regulator’s (ROVER) recall notification function.  ROVER is the Department’s IT system that integrates all applications and approvals under the RVS legislation.

More information about the legal requirements and approval holder’s roles and responsibilities can be found HERE.

The below video is a recording of a webinar conducted by the Federal Department to guide approval holders in submitting a recall notification in ROVER.

More information can be found in the Vehicle Recalls section of the Department’s website.

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