Importing Road Vehicles

On July 1, 2021, the Road Vehicle Standards Act 2018 (RVSA) came into full effect and has replaced the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 (MVSA).  A 24-month transitional period has begun for certain segments of the industry during which some MVSA approvals will continue to be in force.  Within the transition period, importers of recreational vehicles will need to obtain Vehicle Type Approvals, or Concessional RAV Entry Approvals depending on importer’s circumstances.  All applications for approvals will be managed through ROVER (Road Vehicle Regulator) which is the Department’s administration system for the RVSA.  Access the ROVER Portal.

A limited range of MVSA approval pathways (e.g. import of trailers complying to VSB1 Version 5) within the transition period may still be submitted through Vehicle Import System (VIS) accessed from ‘VIS Client Portal.’  More information about Transitional Arrangements can be found in the Department’s website.

Vehicle Type Approvals

Vehicle Type Approvals allow an unlimited number of vehicles of a particular type to be imported based on a Vehicle Category Code (VCC).  This option is generally used for commercial importation requirements.

The Assistant Secretary of the Department’s Vehicle Standards Policy and Partnerships Branch issued a letter to confirm that a vehicle type approval holder, or a person authorised by the approval holder, is permitted to import the road vehicle that the approval applies to.  Access the letter of confirmation HERE.

More information on Vehicle Type Approvals can be found in the Low ATM Trailers and Motorhomes pages.

Concessional RAV Entry Approvals

A Concessional RAV Entry Approval allows certain types of road vehicles to be imported and entered on the Register of Approved Vehicles (the RAV).  A Concessional RAV Entry Approval is also taken to be an import approval for the imported vehicle(s).  This allows vehicles from overseas markets to be imported into Australia and entered on the RAV.

Vehicles that may be eligible for importation under this application type include:

More information on Concessional RAV Entry Approval can be found HERE.

For more information in importing a road vehicle, read the Department’s 8 Steps to Import a Vehicle.

For questions or assistance, head to the Department’s RVSA-dedicated Contact Us page.