Timeline – Key Dates

The RVS legislation will commence in full on 1 July 2021. When the RVS legislation commences, there will be a 12-month transitional period during which some MVSA approvals will continue to be in force.

The department has undertaken an extensive and targeted consultation process to ensure industry and specific stakeholders are sufficiently informed of the changes and have the opportunity to provide feedback. Enabling provisions of the RVS legislation are being implemented in a phased approach up until July 2021 to ensure a smooth transition to the new regulatory framework.

Testing Facilities
Component Type Approvals (CTAs)
Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicles (SEVs) Register
  • Implemented no earlier than December 2020
Authorised Vehicle Verifiers (AVVs)
  • No earlier than December 2020
All Other RVSA Provisions
  • Vehicle Type Approvals (applicable to Motorhomes and Low ATM Trailers), Model Reports, Concessional RAV & non-RAV entry pathways, and  Recalls will be implemented in July 2021.

More information regarding the implementation timeline can currently be found under the “Stakeholder Commitment Section of the RVSA Implementation Site which can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Transitional Arrangements

Low ATM Trailer

12-month transition period where both systems (MVSA & RVSA) are active. Manufacturers and Importers will need to obtain the required approval(s) during this time noting that during this process the business can nominate a future date for the RVSA approval to take effect.

The MVSA ceases to operate from 1 July 2022 meaning all of industry needs to be operating under the RVSA by this time.

Motorised Vehicles

Opt-in process available for businesses to transfer their current IPA approval(s) to RVSA Vehicle Type Approvals. This is available for 6 months (from 1 July 2021 to 31 December 2021) with the business able to nominate a future date that the RVSA approval will take effect. During this transitional period both the MVSA and RVSA are active.

If the business does not transfer their MVSA IPA approvals over during the opt in period they will then need to complete a full RVSA Vehicle Type Approval application.

The MVSA ceases to operate from 1 July 2022 meaning all of industry needs to be operating under the RVSA by this time.

Imported Vehicles

MVSA Regulation 21 Import Approvals will be continued during the RVSA transition period to allow continued importation of vehicles during this period.