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How do I enter a low ATM trailer with MVSA plates on the RAV from 1 July 2023?

Once the RVS transitional period ceases on 30 June 2023, entities (individuals or companies) providing trailers in Australia for the first time must ensure their trailers meet the standards listed in VSB 1 (Revision 6) before they can be entered on the RAV and provided for use in transport on public roads.

Trailers that were plated under the MVSA will not be exempted from this requirement if they are first provided after 30 June 2023.

An entity has the following options for adding an MVSA plated low ATM trailer on the RAV after 1 July 2023:

  • The trailer is covered by an in-force vehicle type approval that meets applicable ADRs (i.e. has been assessed as meeting the latest revision to VSB 1, currently Revision 6) and therefore qualifies to be entered on the RAV. In this scenario, the trailer is deemed to meet the requirements of the vehicle type approval pathway and the applicable ADRs on the date of RAV entry.
  • If the entity does not intend to secure a road vehicle type approval, it may make a concessional RAV entry approval application for a plated trailer.  Such an application would be seeking the Department’s consideration that the trailer was compliant with the standards of VSB 1 (Revision 5) at the time it was manufactured and/or imported.  Prospective applicants should note that there are limits on the number of trailers that may be provided under the concessional pathway (four per annum at the time of providing the guidance note) and should factor this into their transitional plans.

More information can be found HERE.