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ADR 62

Clause/sInstallationApplicable Evidence Options
8 – 12CouplingsComponent Type Approval (CTA); or
United Nations (UN) ECE Approval (ECE 55/01); or
Test Results from an Approved RVSA Testing Facility
Drawbars and Drawbar Safety Chain Attachment PointsComponent Type Approval (CTA); or
Test Results from an Approved RVSA Testing Facility
14.3Safety ChainsComponent Type Approval (CTA); or
Test Results from an Approved RVSA Testing Facility

Important Information to Consider:

  1. Drawbar testing is required as per ADR 62 Clause 14.
  2. Testing must be conducted by an approved testing facility.
  3. Drawbar testing is not acceptable if conducted in-house by an entity (eg. trailer manufacturer who builds their own drawbar).  The results of the testing must be from an approved testing facility.
    • A testing facility can conduct or oversee the testing in premises in accordance with their conditions of approval.  Note that most testing facility approvals identify specific locations where the testing is to be conducted.
  4. A calculation using an ā€œapproved calculationā€ doesnā€™t need to be from an approved testing facility.  However, it must be noted that an ā€œapproved calculationā€ is processed through the component type approval (CTA) pathway, and not through the vehicle type approval (VTA) pathway.  A low ATM trailer does not submit evidence of compliance as part of application for vehicle type approval, therefore the Department would not normally be assessing and approving a calculation (ie. FEA model) as part of a vehicle type approval where the ATM of the trailer is 4.5 tonnes or less.
    • A calculation is acceptable within a VTA application where the calculation (ie. FEA model) that is used is an ā€œapproved calculationā€.
    • If the FEA model has been approved by the Department, it would be appropriate for the FEA model (approved calculation) to be used for similar designs for confirmation of compliance with ADR 62/02, drawbar strength.
  5. Drawbar safety chain attachment points has no provision for an ā€˜approved calculationā€™, hence testing from an approved testing facility is required.
    Note: If the FEA model has not been approved by the Department, there would need to be testing by an approved testing facility to validate the assumptions (engineering principles and methodology used) in the model when applying for a component type approval.
  6. The Departmentā€™s Guidance Note details the calculation requirements for Australian Design Rule 62 ā€“ Mechanical Connections Between Vehicles, and explains how they may be used to support a Road Vehicle Standards application.

For full details on ADR 62 follow this link and scroll to the ADR 62 information:

Disclaimer – Towables
All the information provided on this webpage in relation to the Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA) is general in nature and is provided in good faith. This Australian Design Rule (ADR) applicability diagram is provided as a basic guide only and does not include all relevant ADRs to trailers towable recreational vehicles under 4500kg ATM. Approval applicants are advised to make their own investigations or seek specific advice on their particular individual circumstances. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all aspects of the ADRs relevant to the vehicle category code are complied with and evidence are is collected to support compliance. Caravan Industry Association of Australia Limited, its officers, employees, contractors and agents shall not be liable in any way, including, without limitation, for negligence, for any loss or damages, whether direct or indirect, suffered or incurred by any person in connection with this content or as a result of any errors in or omissions from this content.

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